Work With Me

My real passion is helping guide you through one of your most important life purchases, and to help you make the best, most intelligent buying decision with confidence and real joy. I not only offer my expert advice, but I also help you find the right type of diamond along with the perfect ring design that matches her/your style and personality. I promise you will save time, money, and frustration and get the most value for your budget, while having so much fun!

I am inspired by the people I meet and help every day. Their lovely stories drive me to do my best work; I believe that every ring has a story and that every couple deserves a special ring that tells their unique story.

Since 2000, I have provided professional diamond-setting services to some of the most reputable jewelry companies throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Canada. Over the years, I have worked on more than 70,000 rings and set more than 1,000,000 diamonds, big and small. I’ve helped hundreds of people find the perfect piece of jewelry for that special someone on their special occasion.


My mantra is: “Finding the right jewelry expert is infinitely more important than finding the right jewelry piece.”

Europe, North America & Middle East

Knowledge & Experience

You will know that every piece of advice I give or ring I custom-create comes straight from the source and is made by a lovely supporting team of professionals, from craftsman, to 3D CAD designers, and, of course, diamond setters (like me) – all led with integrity and using the best technology and highest-quality materials available in the market.

Total Care

I want to create the best experience you could ever imagine and the most beautiful diamond engagement ring of your dreams. Even if you are skeptical or have never shopped for a piece of fine jewelry before, I will take care of you with an open heart and mind.

High Quality Standards

If you are someone who has high standards and a quality-over-quantity mindset, who expects valuable results and cares about having a great experience without wasting an enormous amount of time, money, or frustration, you’re in the right place with the right person who will help you achieve everything you want.

Custom Jewelry

Jivan will be pleased to work with clients who are interested in customizing their own silver or gold jewelry.

Send me an email to with your idea and a small description (it can be inspired from a picture
of a magazine, internet or a sketch) and lets create this piece of art together.

Define your dream piece and i will create it for you.


Please fill out this form to schedule a free 30 minute consultation call to guide you toward your dream jewelry piece.