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5 Unique Jewelry Gift Ideas.


It’s that time of year again – when retailers extend their hours and shopping malls play holiday music on a loop (for better or for worse!). For those who celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or any other festivities during November and December, ‘tis the season to begin thinking about what gifts you’ll be procuring for your loved ones.


Gifts of jewelry are almost always appreciated, especially when there’s some sentimental value attached. Here are five thoughtful jewelry gift ideas that are almost guaranteed to elicit big smiles.


  1. Take something old, and make it new!


So many people possess beautiful family heirlooms or jewelry from their earlier years that they no longer wear. Sometimes, it lies in a drawer unworn for years because of a chipped stone, tarnishing and tangling, or simply the wrong fit. A wonderfully sentimental (and sometimes inexpensive) gift is to identify that cherished piece and make it wearable again. A trusted jeweler can resize almost anything with perfect precision, and give great advice about how to repair, clean or update antique jewelry.


  1. As personal as it gets: create a custom piece


People usually appreciate when their jewelry is one-of-a-kind as opposed to something store bought, and available to the masses. Show your loved one how well you know them by giving them something unique – personalized jewelry. This can include anything from a gold name tag, to a family birthstone or a ring with a special message engraved. A gift is that much more beautiful when there’s thought put into it.


  1. Upgrade a previous gift


If you’ve given someone – be it a partner, friend or family member – jewelry in the past, consider giving an upgrade! A common example of upgraded jewelry would be adding more or larger stones to an engagement ring or wedding band. There are also ways to upgrade watches with more luxurious straps, or necklaces with more strands. Your imagination’s the limit when it comes to modifying jewelry.

Or even upgrading from silver to gold, if you gifted something in silver and it becomes an all time favorite piece, that’s an  indication  


  1. Stick to the classics


Not quite sure about your partner’s taste? There are certain pieces that are considered to be timeless classics that few would turn down. Classic gifts such as diamond tennis bracelets, stud earrings, and simple pearl necklaces are basics that make great additions to a jewelry collection (or the foundation of a growing collection!).


  1. Support a local artisan


The craftsman or company behind a gift often adds to its sentimental value or charm. For instance, a person might have an affinity for Venice – what better present than something created by a Venetian maker? Consider buying a gift from a jeweler from the town or culture that’s special to your loved one. You’ll be supporting an independent business, and giving a piece of jewelry that has a more personal and interesting backstory compared to a piece bought from a chain store. It’s a small detail, but the giftee will remember it, and might even include it in future conversations about the piece.


Giving jewelry as a gift isn’t a new or unique idea, but there’s are many ways to make it highly personal. With the help of a private jeweler, an otherwise “conventional” gift can become a cherished present with plenty of thought behind it, and that’s what counts!