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Jewelry Care

Always be Gentle with your jewelry.
Jivancollection™ has been manufactured and designed to the highest quality standards. Special care and maintenance will preserve the beauty and shine of your jewelry.

Here are some important tips from Jivan

  • Avoid wearing jewelry when doing rough work or engaging in sports, to minimize the risk of breaking or chipping.
  • Be careful not to subject your beaded bracelet or necklace to stresses that can weaken them, such as wearing it when sleeping.
  • Showering and cleaning can leave a film on your jewelry and make the surfaces appear dull, so try to remove your jewelry first.
  • Never wear jewelry while in a swimming pool or hot tub, the chlorine in the water can damage various gemstones and metals.
  • Keep jewelry in separate compartments or wrapped in its original case, to protect pieces from scratching each other and always store bead necklaces strung with silk flat because silk stretches over time.
  • I will also recommend putting your jewelry on last when getting ready, direct exposure to hair-styling products and perfume will often damage the metal and gemstones especially (Pearl,Lapis,Malachite)
  • Also a periodic examination of clasps and settings to ensure a secure fit is recommended.