We made it easy for you to connect directly to a qualified expert through email or phone or even physically one on one at our office.

Before shopping for the perfect ring, you need to consult with someone who is qualified and has many years of experience in the industry. This will help you get a head start into your ring shopping process and will give you the knowlege and confidant so you’re better prepared to shop and successfully choose the perfect ring.

You will start with learning about the 4C’s ( Colour – Cut – Clarity – Carat) how diamonds are graded and what makes a diamond rare and valuable . Next you want to discuss about different ring styles and what would best fits your girlfriend’s personal taste and lifestyle.

Only then and with our help you’ll be able to decide on what type of the precious metal the ring will be created with (14K­18K­19K­Platinum) and what color best matches your ring design (White­Yellow­Rose). By knowing these points above you will have less stress and greater pleasure shopping for that perfect ring.

What benefits do you recieve from consultation? First, you will be well­researched, have the right questions to ask, know what elements to look for in your future ring, and have a better idea about what a specific ring will cost, and how much value you will get for your budget. All the while, learning about the process and steps of custom designing a piece of jewelery.

  • Get to know about quality
  • Learn about value
  • What it takes from concept to creation
  • How to find a perfect diamond


We are ready to Design and create your dream ring.

Once you have had the proper consultation, are well ­informed about the process, and already picked the right diamond, it is time to discuss with a jewelry designer for a ring design that fits best with your future fiancee’s style.

Having a professional jewelry designer is crucial if you are looking to custom-­design a ring.

“Finding the right jeweler is infinitely more important than finding the right ring”

Discussing your ring design, with a professional jewelry designer, is crucial. He will help transform your idea into a wearable ring design using a 3D CAD designer. This will allow you to see the renderings of the ring and make any final adjustments to your liking. Once the design is approved, the ring creation begins.


Your lifetime purchase needs a lifetime care and maintenance.

Once you propose and she says yes, first you need to make sure that the ring fits her perfectly. Both you and your fiancee should return to your jeweler so her finger can be precisely measured and size the ring properly.

You and your fiancee will build a long term relationship with your jeweler, and eventually,have him as your family jeweler. Ideally, visit your jeweler at least twice a year for a professional ring cleaning and have it checked for loose stones.

If you are happy with the quality and service, you can use your jeweler for your future jewelry needs, such as wedding rings, anniversary gifts and ring upgrades.

As part of our care services at Diamond Ring Advisor, we are happy to offer to our clients the following services:

  • Jewelry cleaning and maintenance
  • Jewelry appraisals
  • Buying and selling gold and diamonds
  • Ring upgrades
  • Jewelry repolishing
  • Custom laser engraving
  • Ring sizing

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