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The Anatomy Of A Diamond

The hardest mineral on earth, is made of carbon (the only gem made of a single element). Diamonds form under high temperature and pressure conditions that only occur about 100 miles beneath the earth’s surface.

The value factors of a diamond are based on its own unique combination of features called the 4C’s (an internationally recognized grading criteria created by GIA). The 4 C’s help you to compare and evaluate diamonds so you have a complete understanding of exactly what you are buying.

The 4 value factors of a diamond are color, clarity, cut and carat. However, I would like to add a fifth “C” which refers to the “certification.” It’s very important… and I will be covering it in the next blog post.

Today, the price you pay for a diamond depends on its four variable attributes [the 4C’s] and it is up to you to choose the best that fits your needs and budget.

In doing this… it is important to understand the anatomy of a diamond, which is best illustrated with a picture. Certain terminology will be used throughout our blogpost series, so refer to the picture above for clarification .